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EDITORIAL: Trust Enos in replacing assistants

It's at least clear head football coach Dan Enos has a tough task ahead of him with the departure of up to three assistant football coaches, but it isn't the tragedy some might imagine.

While it might not be completely official yet, it has been reported that wide receivers coach Terry Samuel has accepted the same position at Michigan State.

Samuel’s departure would mark the third  following the 2010 football season.

Though people might use this as a call for concern over Enos and his staff, it is important to realize every coach to leave has accepted a position of an equal or higher standing at a school of equal or higher prominence.

Quarterbacks coach Jay Johnson was the first to go in early January. Johnson, who has bounced around the Football Bowl Subdivision for the last decade, had the opportunity to become an offensive coordinator at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and took it. He has since been replaced with Morris Watts, a traveled coach with lots of experience at the college level.

Defensive line coach Tim Daoust was the next to jump ship, accepting an assistant position at Syracuse University. Daoust coached for Mid-American Conference rivals Western Michigan University and CMU. A jump to a program in the Big East, a conference eligible for the Bowl Championship Series game, is not only a step up, but one that makes sense for his career and wallet.

All three coaches were in their first season on a football team that underwent major changes following the 2009 season.

Coaches have come and gone the last several years – this school is used to it.

What Chippewa fans are not used to, however, is losing. Having three coaches depart after a 3-9 season is not something to which CMU is accustomed.

But with the departures of previous head coaches Butch Jones and Brian Kelly, one thing has become apparent: this school is not a destination football school. No matter how successful CMU becomes, coaches will leave for better offers.

And despite a less-than-stellar season on the field, having three assistant coaches accept higher-paying offers at other schools is a testament to the type of people Enos and Athletics Director Dave Heeke are bringing in.

During a signing day teleconference with members of the media, Enos reiterated his message with concerned defensive line recruits: “You’re going to have to trust me.”

Now with a second opening in his staff, CMU fans are going to have to put even more trust in Enos.