FYE program's book project closer to becoming a reality

The First Year Experience Program’s timeline for creating its own textbooks have been shortened to one year.

“We are on a year timeline because we want the books to be released sometime in 2012,” said Jason Bentley, director of First Year Experience.

As of late October, the FYE program was only contemplating on creating its own textbooks to sell to other universities with similar programs, but the project is now under way.

The program does not have a specific due date for the release of the book because they are going through a review process with the book idea.

“We have an outline of what we want in the book,” Bentley said. “We have spoken with two publishers and sent them sample manuscripts."

Since the review process is a month long, the FYE program will know in May whether the book is going to be released or not.

“The release date is dependent on the publisher,” Bentley said.

The reviewers of the sample manuscript include directors of similar programs from other schools; they will give their opinions on things to change about the book or deny the book idea entirely.