Grawn computer lab being discussed for relocation, no final plans in place

Saudi Arabia senior Naif Alsultan works on a project Thursday in the Grawn computer lab. (Erica Kearns/Staff Photographer)

A popular campus computer lab is under discussion for relocation by university officials.

The Grawn Hall computer lab is one of two extended-hour computer labs on campus. The Grawn lab is open as late as 1 a.m. on weekdays.

Roger Rehm, vice president of the Office of Information Technology, said it would be “conjecture” to give a solid answer on any final plans for the lab.

“There has been conversation of moving the Grawn computer lab, but they are not at all final,” Rehm said. “At this point, it is just rumor and in talking stages.”

Kelsey Bourassa, a Trenton junior, said she uses the Grawn computer lab every day. She said moving the lab is a bad idea.

“A lot of people use this lab," she said. "I print things off before classes. This is my lab, it’s perfect for business students.”

Brandon Burris, a Jackson junior, said he was familiar with the lab’s rumored move. He said the College of Business Administration wanted to change the lab’s space into study rooms.

Burris said he would prefer the space remain a computer lab as it is better equipped to meet his needs.

“I usually do all of my homework (here on the computer), and I don’t have a printer at home,” Burris said. “All of my classes are in Grawn. It’s great that it’s just right here.”

Comstock Park senior Justin Morris is graduating this spring, so any proposed changes would not effect him, he said.

“But if anything, they should make it bigger,” Morris said. “It’s packed every day.”


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