College of Business Administration students disgruntled as computer lab moves to Ronan

Some students in the College of Business Administration are not pleased with the closing of the Grawn computer lab and the relocation to Ronan Hall.

The outside of the closed Grawn computer lab directs students to a new lab, located in the basement of Ronan Hall. The Grawn lab was relocated to make space for classrooms and individual meeting rooms in the business hall.

The new computer lab, which houses roughly 50 computers for student use, may not be up to standards of many CBA students. The Grawn lab had approximately 100 computers and was significantly larger than its' replacement before closing.

Farmington Hills senior Stephanie Christensen previously used the Grawn computer lab regularly for group projects, work for student organizations and her own schoolwork. Christensen said she knows Ronan is nearby, but said the luxury of having a computer lab in the same building as business classes will be missed.

"A lot of times, you only have 15 minutes between classes so the Grawn lab was great," Christensen said. "There's just not enough time to go to Ronan and print."

Novi senior Danielle Antuna said she believes students may have issues with the new Ronan computer lab because of the size. Antuna has seen the Grawn lab at full capacity multiple times before its closing and isn't sure how the new, smaller lab will be able to accommodate CBA students.

"During exam week, there were lines all the time in the Grawn lab," Antuna said. "This computer lab is even smaller and there are a lot of business students."

Bay City senior Kellie Todoroff made the transition and began working in the new computer lab, but would rather have access to the closed Grawn lab.

"The convenience of having a computer lab in Grawn to use before or after class isn't there anymore," Todoroff said. "I miss Grawn"