Adopt a Highway program growing in several East area residence halls

Ten students picked up litter for Adopt a Highway on a three-mile stretch of US-10 outside of Clare Thursday.

The FEW lobby, comprised of Fabiano, Emmons and Woldt halls, adopted a highway a year ago and has scheduled two trips a year since then.

Grand Rapids sophomore Alyson Cole said the turnout this year doubled from last year.

“There was a lot more this year,” Cole said. “We got to cover a broader spectrum because of that.”

The FEW students separated into three groups, each covering the island and outsides of the highway.

After early success in the cleanup this year, it has become a tradition among the halls.

“We would like it to be a hall council tradition,” Cole said. “It is just another way to get the FEW community to have fun while helping out.”

Another one of the volunteers was Resident Assistant MacKensye Ancona, a Vermontville junior.

“I’m no environmentalist, but I sure do care about keeping our community free of pollution,” Ancona said.

Both Ancona and Kevin Wilder, an Alto sophomore, agreed they had an effect on their community.

“A little bit goes a long way,” Wilder said. “I did very much.”

Each volunteer was given a pair of gloves and two garbage bags to fill. Afterward, pizza was handed out as a reward for their efforts.

“The energy that the residents bring to events, that other people may say is boring, is amazing,” Cole said. “We make it fun.”