Trout Hall breaks Larzelere Hall's two-year Maroon Cup winning streak

Trout Hall came out on top during Homecoming Week by beating two-year winning Larzelere Hall for the Maroon Cup.

Plainwell sophomore Jordan Rife, vice president of Trout’s hall council, said the Homecoming games and ultimate victory gave them a sense of community.

“It makes me really proud because Trout Hall is not an honors hall and we don’t have a (residential) college,” Rife said. “We made connections and friends through Homecoming.”

Trout had to put a lot of effort into getting prepared for the homecoming games, Rife said.

Trout prepared for the Homecoming events by training with mock Homecoming events in the hall, said Flint sophomore Quinton Williams.

“We hid a fake medallion in our hall,” Williams said. “We call it floor wars.”

Williams was the choreographer for the Rock Rally dance, and said in the past, Trout residents were not as organized.

“We tried to get as many people involved as we could,” said Midland sophomore Josh Finch. “We knew that with participation, we could do better at the events.”

Rife said as one of the main coordinators for Trout’s Homecoming committee, her strategies were to get involvement and positive attitudes.

“I was constantly posting on Facebook to go sign up for events or search for the medallion,” Rife said.

The Homecoming Week festivities included the Rock Rally, field games, medallion hunt, chalking, float building, the Amazing Race, the mystery event and trivia games.

“I’m really proud we had participation in every single event,” Rife said. “We had outstanding freshmen and sophomores that made it a big deal.”

Williams said although they were not able to come out on top for all of the Homecoming events, they kept their spirits high.

“Some of the events we didn’t do so hot in,” Rife said. “So I tried not to let people get discouraged.”

Finch said though competition is high throughout Homecoming Week, within north campus it is friendly.

“Personally, this is one of my favorite times of the year, I love Homecoming Week,” Finch said. “I love how much fun it can be, and as a hall, we strived to do our best, so we are excited about next year.”


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