CMU hockey wins game one against Michigan

The CMU hockey team won 8-4 on Saturday against Michigan.

Through the early going, both teams came out ready for a battle with the score tight for the first two periods.

Going into the third, CMU pulled ahead, scoring five of their eight goals.

Head coach Mike Willett kept his team composed and was not surprised to see his team pull so far ahead at the end.

“Those are the types of games we need to win," Willett said. "That little sprint we had, that’s the way we should be playing all game."

Although Willett was not surprised to see his team let up toward the end, he was pleased to see this from his team.

“It was a nice feeling to see us step up and take initiative,” he said.

Team captain Mark Morley said he handles his team throughout close games, back and forth on the ice.

“Strong defense, sticking together, team play,” Morley said.

CMU plays against the Wolverines again on Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

Morley said he expects to be ready for the game following a solid victory.

“We just need to go home, rest, hangout, and watch the [Detroit] Red Wings,” he said.

Heading into CMU's next game, Willett expects his team to continue right where they left off against the Wolverines.

“It [the game] was a stepping stone," Willett said. "That was a game, where ‘hey, we’re good, but we have to work hard to be better.’”

Willett’s team looks to come out with the same attitude it ended on last night to gain ground in the ACHA standings.