COLUMN: Enos deserves more credit than he gets

A good coach needs passion for his job.

He needs to be wealthy in his knowledge of the sport.

He needs to know how to build up a talented roster.

Finally, a quality coach needs to win games.

Following Dan Enos’ second consecutive 3-9 season, I was only confident that he brought two of those things to the table.

As a former Michigan State quarterback and football coach of nine different universities, I didn’t doubt his football knowledge.

With young guys like Titus Davis, Courtney Williams, Anthony Garland, Cody Lopez and Ryan Petro on roster, it would be hard to argue Enos’ ability to bring in quality recruits.

What I have thought he has lacked has been his decision making down the stretch, his passion and obviously tallies in the win column.

Sitting in on his post-game press conference, I realized he has more passion than I’ve given him credit for.

Enos said he had a hard time comparing his two seasons at CMU.

"I think there’s been a significant improvement that wasn’t in the record, but as I look at our program, I think we practiced better, had almost no discipline issues; the things people don’t see," he said.

In 18 minutes after the game, Enos talked about the talent CMU has, position-by-position.

He talked about his confidence in junior quarterback Ryan Radcliff, whose ability has been overshadowed by the team’s need to play catch-up consistently.

Enos showed a mix of emotions that proved to me his heart in this program and he has obviously proved that to Athletics Director Dave Heeke, who isn’t letting Enos go just yet.

He has expressed confidence in his coach’s passion and ability to rebuild CMU’s football team, calling him the future of the program.

While I don’t fully agree with all of Enos’ coaching decisions, he should have a little more time to prove his ability with such drastic changes made to the team's scheme and roster.

Enos changed up the offensive scheme from Brian Kelly and Butch Jones’ spread to more of a pro-style offense and it’s not going to be changed back with him running the show.

Many people calling for his job want it back to the way it was ran under Kelly and Jones and that’s not going to happen in the near future.

Such a switch back would require another two years of rebuilding and even more disappointment with CMU football.

Put away your “Fire Enos” signs for one more year and if this team doesn’t finish with a winning record next season, by all means he’s yours.

As for the 2012 season, Radcliff described this team’s mentality well:

“Chin down, head up and keep fighting.”


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