SGA president Vincent Cavataio takes PR internship with CMU facilities management

The Student Government Association president at Central Michigan University has taken an internship with the university's facilities management office.

Shelby Township senior Vincent Cavataio, elected president of the CMU Student Government Association in April, recently accepted a public relations internship focusing on sustainable energy with CMU Facilities Management, Cavataio confirmed Tuesday to Central Michigan Life. He made the announcement Monday on his Facebook account.

Cavataio said Steve Lawrence, associate vice president of Facilities Management, first mentioned he was interested in hiring an intern before the school went on winter break in December. The two serve on CMU's Strategic Planning Team together.

"He was talking about needing an intern next semester to start doing PR for (Facilities Management)," Cavataio said. "I told him I'd be happy to do it, and he offered me the position."

Cavataio said the part-time job, in which he would work about 20 hours per week, will focus on highlighting sustainable enterprises on campus — in buildings, within curriculum and among teachers — through awards. He said he has no plans to step down as SGA president, and pointed out that he is only taking the internship and a seminar class this semester.

"Normally I'd have five or six classes, so (this) is about the same time commitment," Cavataio said. "Maybe even less, considering the studying and other time classes take up.

"I'm very excited to be involved and learn more about the university."

Cavataio declined to say how much he would be paid for the internship.

An email to Lawrence requesting comment was not immediately returned.


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