LETTER: Preventative health care including birth control should be a right for women

I want to thank Emily Grove for her piece on the birth control debate.

As the President of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood on campus I have seen countless women unable to afford their birth control every month because their insurance did not cover their co-pays, some paying between $30 to $60 a month.

I was one of these women once too, and I think that preventative health care is a right that every woman deserves. It is not the right of a certain group of people to dictate the autonomy of another group, and the Catholic church is no different.

So thank you for pointing out the facts, Emily. You should not have to follow a system that you don't believe in, especially since birth control is often used for reasons other than pregnancy prevention.

I am happy to say that women that work for these religiously exempt employers can call their insurance directly to purchase their contraception. It must be said though that legislatures are fighting hard to put restrictions on preventative health care, and Michigan is one of the biggest perpetrators.

As men and women of this generation we need to ensure that we have access to the health care that we need and deserve.

Libby Aldrich DeWitt senior 


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