Isabella County ranks high in healthy cities survey, locals attribute gym opportunities

Mount Pleasant residents appear to be staying healthy with Isabella County ranked in the 75th percentile of healthiest cities in Michigan.

According to the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, Isabella County is ranked number 20 out of 82 on the scale of Michigan counties that are in good physical shape.

Grand Rapids senior Micholus Stevens wasn't surprised by the results.

“Every time I go to the gym, there’s a ton of people there," Stevens said. "A lot of college students worry about their physical appearance, and they should. This is the time in our life when it’s important to be healthy.”

With more than 2,000 people visiting the Student Activity Center daily and numerous other gyms in town, the residents of Mount Pleasant have non-stop opportunities to stay active and in shape.

“There should be no reason that people in Mount Pleasant are unhealthy and stay out of shape, when as CMU students, we get to use the SAC for free," said Coleman freshman Katie Murphy. “Every college student goes out and drinks too much and has a few unhealthy habits, but if you do have bad habits, fix them with good ones. Go to the gym after a big night of drinking.”

Seung ni Fitness, 2217 S. Mission St., is one of the options for residents looking to be fit. Co-owner Brandon Thomas said he is not shocked by the high ranking Isabella County received.

Having more than 450 members ranging from college students to people in their 70s, Thomas said people from every age and fitness level are interested in their physical health.

“College students run into problems, because the last thing they care about is nutrition; but, at the same time, they want to look good,” Thomas said.

Many students are getting memberships at the gym in order to learn about being healthy, and others are just interested in good eating tips, he said.

“Thirty percent of our memberships are college students who are looking to mix up their workout," Thomas said. "They like coming here, because we’re interested in our members. If they want help grocery shopping and want to learn what foods are good to eat, then I’ll go to the store with them and show them"


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