LIVE BLOG: CMU Board of Trustees meeting

Due to a change in policy with CoverItLive, some may have not been able to access our live coverage of Thursday's Board of Trustees meeting. The entire live blog has been posted below.

8:18 Aaron McMann: Hello everyone and welcome to CM Life's live coverage of this morning's Board of Trustees meeting here at Central Michigan University.

8:20 Aaron McMann: Today, the board will, among other things, pass the university's financial plan for the 2012-13 academic year, set the capital budget and vote on funding for CMED East. Stay tuned for more updates.

8:21 Aaron McMann: The meeting is scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. Until then, here is our preview that appeared in Wednesday's print edition:

8:30 Aaron McMann: And we're underway!

8:32 Aaron McMann: Sam Kottamasu, board chair, now recognizing Nana Korsah and Marykaye Murphy, both of whom recently passed away.

8:32 Aaron McMann: No public comment on agenda items.

8:33 Aaron McMann: Ross giving his report now. "Efforts include keeping our institution affordable and accessible ..."

8:33 Aaron McMann: Ross touting CMU having the lowest tuition increase among MI public universities for second year in a row.

8:34 Aaron McMann: Ross says CMU has increased scholarships and student aid

8:34 Aaron McMann: "Living this dream (of going to college) is why we are all here."

8:36 Aaron McMann: Ross says university will begin to see increased enrollment efforts, both in state and out of state, for on-campus and the Global Campus. "We are all one CMU."

8:37 Aaron McMann: Ross recognizing Dr. Dale-Elizabeth Phersson, new dean of the college of Education and Human Services

8:40 Aaron McMann: Ross recognizing SAPA for taking its 'No Zebras' program to military bases across the country.

8:42 Aaron McMann: Kottamasu says Ross was recently appointed to a national committee on secondary education. "A great honor for Dr. Ross."

8:42 Aaron McMann: Academic and Student Affairs Committee report

8:42 Aaron McMann: Trustee Sara Opperman says university is eagerly awaiting VP Johnson's enrollment report in fall

8:44 Aaron McMann: Board now discussing cosmetic revisions to the Student Code of Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary procedures

8:45 Aaron McMann: SGA has had input in new document

8:46 Aaron McMann: Incoming freshman and new students would receive the document at orientation in fall

8:46 Aaron McMann: Item has been moved to the consent agenda.

8:47 Aaron McMann: Faculty tenure and sabbatical recommendations now being discussed.

8:48 Aaron McMann: They have been approved and moved to the consent agenda.

8:49 Aaron McMann: Provost Gary Shapiro now discussing modifications to the 2011-15 college bargaining agreement with the Union of Teaching Faculty. Sounds like there are 3 modifications, but it's very hard to hear.

8:52 Aaron McMann: Board approves the modifications and moves it to the consent agenda. Didn't sound like anything too major, but we'll be sure to follow up.

8:53 Aaron McMann: Board now going over the Research and Sponsored Programs quarterly report

8:54 Aaron McMann: About $2.3 million awarded through March 31.

8:55 Aaron McMann: Susan Clark reappointed to the Clarke Historical Library Board of Governors for a 5-year term

8:57 Aaron McMann: 18 reappointments, 14 new appointments to CMU's public school academy

9:00 Aaron McMann: Cindy Schumacher now discussing the process of adding new schools to its umbrella.

9:00 Aaron McMann: Moved to consent agenda.

9:03 Aaron McMann: Shapiro discussing CMU's proposal to charge a 3 percent administrative oversight fee on basic state grants and other funding for its Center for Charter Schools

9:04 Aaron McMann: Schumacher says CMU could make $35,000 to $50,000 off this fee

9:06 Aaron McMann: Schumacher says this is more of a policy decision, based on state recommendation

9:07 Aaron McMann: Moved to consent agenda.

9:07 Aaron McMann: Moving on to the College of Medicine Committee ...

9:08 Aaron McMann: CMED dean Ernest Yoder speaking

9:08 Aaron McMann: Yoder says CMU is in compliance with the LCME, addressing the body's 5 preliminary concerns

9:09 Aaron McMann: Yoder says they are well into the application process, but cannot start processing until Aug. 1

9:09 Aaron McMann: 500+ applications received, Yoder says, "well exceeding my expectation."

9:10 Aaron McMann: Yoder says interviews of students will begin in early to mid September, and begin offering acceptance by early to mid October, maybe November.

9:10 Aaron McMann: Program and space planning has completed for CMED's Saginaw campus. Schematic design planning will begin tomorrow.

9:11 Aaron McMann: Yoder says they have offered new offers to several for positions

9:11 Aaron McMann: Yoder addressing associate dean Dr. Lori Alvord's recent resignation

9:11 Aaron McMann: "She's going home," he says.

9:12 Aaron McMann: Yoder says he was notified 4 to 5 months ago, "so there were no surprises."

9:12 Aaron McMann: Alvord has taken an associate dean at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine

9:12 Aaron McMann: "This has not affected our progress at all."

9:15 Aaron McMann: Yoder remains positive about the direction and progress of CMED. "I'm sleeping fine at night."

9:15 Aaron McMann: Early geographic data of applicants is predominantly Michigan, Yoder says.

9:17 Aaron McMann: Yoder says CMU is sharing data with WMU for its upcoming med school, just as Oakland U has with CMU.

9:19 Aaron McMann: Yoder now reviewing the application process

9:21 Aaron McMann: Finance and Facilities Committee next

9:22 Aaron McMann: Trustee Brian Fannon crediting "sacrifices" by faculty and staff in recent years for CMU's 1.96 percent tuition increase. "We should be proud of that."

9:23 Aaron McMann: David Burdette presenting the financial plan ...

9:24 Aaron McMann: VP Steven Johnson, enrollment update: CMU anticipates about 3,500 first-time freshman students, down from the usual 3,700.

9:25 Aaron McMann: Johnson credits decrease to shrinking "high school market" and increased competition from SVSU, GVSU and Oakland U

9:26 Aaron McMann: Johnson says Michigan's high school market decline is one of the largest in the midwest, and anticipates it for another 5-10 years, citing economic conditions.

9:27 Aaron McMann: If CMU maintains its status quo among market share -- the university gets about 3.2 percent of high school students in Michigan -- the university could lose about 300-500 students over next decade

9:37 Aaron McMann: Under the new financial plan, about 75 percent of all total revenue would come from student tuition and fees

9:41 Aaron McMann: We'll have a full story later at with the breakdown of the finances.

9:41 Aaron McMann: Under the plan, net revenue for the university would be $345.4 million.

9:42 Aaron McMann: That would be an increase of about $11.8 million.

9:45 Aaron McMann: That $345.4 million mark is from the general fund. The non-general fund is $96.4 million, bring total expenditures to $441.8 million for the 2012-13 academic year.

9:45 Aaron McMann: Burdette going over these numbers now.

9:58 Aaron McMann: Trustee Opperman pointing out the revenue Global Campus will bring in next year from tuition and fees (tabbed to be nearly $50 million)

10:00 Aaron McMann: Opperman asking how plans changed given the decrease in state appropriations

10:01 Aaron McMann: Ross points out that CMU is using one-time only reserve funds for shortfall

10:01 Aaron McMann: Ross anticipates university to make necessary financial adjustments in next 3 years

10:02 Aaron McMann: Steve Lawrence is up with a facilities update

10:02 Aaron McMann: Board approved financial plan, by the way.

10:03 Aaron McMann: Lawrence is reviewing the projects on the deferred maintenance list

10:07 Aaron McMann: Facilities Management is requesting $5.7 million for all of the projects

10:20 Aaron McMann: Capital budget up next. There are no capital projects, but Burdette is proposing the $5.7 million requested for deferred maintenance projects.

10:22 Aaron McMann: "I can tell you that work is all over campus right now," Burdette said.

10:26 Aaron McMann: Board approves capital budget

10:29 Aaron McMann: Board now discussing a request for $800,000, from university reserves, to fund the schematic design for CMED East Saginaw campus

10:30 Aaron McMann: "Design development phase," actually. My apologies.

10:30 Aaron McMann: $555,000 was approved in April for schematic design.

10:31 Aaron McMann: Funding approved, bringing total investment so far for CMED East to $1.75 million. 10:32 Aaron McMann: Board approves motion to amend agenda to include vote on $1.6 million for campus master plan

10:32 Aaron McMann: The last master plan was done in 2001

10:34 Aaron McMann: Board approves funding for campus facilities master plan. There was a plan to vote on it, but an official proposal was not included in the agenda, thus the impromptu motion.

10:35 Aaron McMann: Contributions, endowments, awards and scholarships now up

10:37 Aaron McMann: Kathy Wilbur now introducing 18 naming opportunities, all of which are within the College of Medicine.

10:38 Aaron McMann: Naming opportunities range from $25,000 to $1 million+, Wilbur says

10:40 Aaron McMann: Wilbur says university is at 56 percent of $25 million goal for CMED

10:43 Aaron McMann: Trustee John Hurd touting CMU's Global Campus presence

10:44 Aaron McMann: Audit committee now up.

10:46 Aaron McMann: Policy and Bylaws Committee now up.

10:47 Aaron McMann: VP David Burdette discussing the 2012-13 campus map, which now include the ongoing Graduate Student Housing project.

10:49 Aaron McMann: The board is now reviewing the proposed meeting schedule through 2014. Dates include: Feb. 12-13, April 9-10, July 9-10, Sept. 17-18 and Dec. 3-4.

10:50 Aaron McMann: Consent agenda approved

10:50 Aaron McMann: President Ross reviewing the 2011-12 goals

10:50 Aaron McMann: Ross says he has received a preliminary report of those goals, will have a final report at September meeting.

10:52 Aaron McMann: Strategic planning has not been completed yet, "but we're well on our way," Ross said.

10:52 Aaron McMann: Ultimate goal is to have plan completed and tie to budget cycle for 2014 fiscal year

10:53 Aaron McMann: Online course registration is up from 18,000 to 22,000, Ross said.

10:56 Aaron McMann: Ross says research proposals, funding have increased. He's running through several strong points of the university.

10:57 Aaron McMann: Chair Sam Kottamasu running through 2012-13 goals

10:58 Aaron McMann: Goals include strategic planning, improving unity and aligning resources 10:59 Aaron McMann: Improve master plan, communications

11:00 Aaron McMann: Trustee Opperman points out adding shared governance into goals for next year 11:00 Aaron McMann: No public comments. Meeting adjourned. Thanks for joining us!