Three arrested, charged following home invasions

Three men were arrested and charged following a string of summer home invasions.

The incidents occurred throughout Union Township and the city of Mount Pleasant.

Ryan Edward Hones, 23, and Patrick William Mulholland, 24, of Mount Pleasant, have been charged with one count of home invasion in the second degree and malicious destruction of a building. There is a strong possibility both will face additional arrests and charges in the near future.

Julius Eugene Williams, 21, of Jackson, has been charged with one count of home invasion in the first degree.

Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski said beginning on July 5, at least 23 apartments may have been broken into throughout Deerfield Village, Lexington Ridge, Tallgrass, Polo Village and a residential city home.

On Aug. 20 an Isabella County Sheriff’s Deputy observed two men carrying a flat screen television out of a home to a Ford Taurus. Later the car was tracked to Hones, and shortly after it was determined Mulholland was with Homes during the break-in. A number of the stolen items were tracked to Jackson, where Williams lives.

Mioduszewski said some of the recovered items include six flat screen televisions, 12 game systems and 54 Xbox and Playstation games, adding up to thousands of dollars.

“I’m estimating between five and seven thousand,” he said. “Probably somewhere in that area. It could be more.”

Luckily most of the electronics have been returned to the rightful owners, who Mioduszewski said filed police reports for the stolen items.

The home invasions occurring throughout summer vacation don’t come as a surprise. Mioduszewski said break-ins happen periodically throughout the year, and typically when most students aren’t in town.

Mioduszewski wants to remind students, as a precautionary measure, to keep doors locked.

“One of the problems we have with student housing is that people will not lock their doors,” he said. “In several of these apartments there were actually people sleeping at the time.”


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