Sigma Tau Gamma gets fresh start with new home

Chuck Miller/Staff Photographer Members of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity stand outside their newly finished house on 1005 S. Main St.

Sigma Tau Gamma located at 1005 S. Main St. received a new house over the summer.

Olivieri Homes, 1933 Churchill Blvd., was contracted to build the home for Central Michigan University's oldest fraternity. The construction company did not say how much the home cost to build but the home's construction was paid for by Olivieri Homes.

The Sigma Tau Gamma house was built in 1937, according to Olivieri Homes owner, Joe Olivieri. The old house was torn down and a new one was built in its place.

"It was pretty worn out," Olivieri said.

He said as properties and the land they are on age, there comes a time when a new property needs to be built.

"When a piece of property reaches it's end of useful life, it reaches a point where you have to tear it down and build a new one," he said.

The new home's expansion will help the occupants live better.

"You give the tenants a larger house with more room, a finished basement, better parking," he said. "Instead of having six people sharing a bath and a half, you have a space where six people can share two baths."

The home's new features include 12 bedrooms, six bathrooms, two kitchens, a laundry room and a parking lot, said Greg Pierce, Sigma Tau Gamma Vice President of Management and house manager.

"We were also able to get our letters on the house with a permanent light fixture," the Grand Rapids junior said.

He said getting the fraternity's letters on the house was a long time coming.

"We haven't had letters on our house in over 10 years," Pierce said.

He said the letters on the house are more than decoration and have meaning to the fraternity and to CMU's history.

"Having letters on the house helps reassure people that you are a fraternity here on campus, but getting involved and showing your letters in different places is a great way for people to see who you are," he said. "Some of the fraternities here don't have letters on their houses and I feel that takes away from the experience."

Harrison Coleman, a Grand Blanc junior, said the fraternity's new location will have many advantages, such as its proximity to other fraternities and to campus.

"I am most looking forward to the location of the house being a few steps away from campus and having two other great fraternities right next door," Coleman said. "We as a fraternity are very excited about the opportunities that Sigma Tau Gamma has been given this year."

Pierce said the new house will give the fraternity a new look and atmosphere, hoping to invite new members.

"Personally, it's been a huge deal for me because I feel the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity has been glanced over by some and (people) looked at the other bigger groups," he said. "I feel this new look for our house will helps us show people that we are just like them"


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