COLUMN: Keep on staying classy, CMU

After Saturday, I'm embarrassed.

Not as a football fan.

Not that we still call Dan Enos head football coach. (Come on, really?)

No, I'm embarrassed as a student.

Congrats, CMU students, you managed to prove why Michigan State and the University of Michigan call us their younger sibling.

Whether it was stories of racism at tailgate, trying to start fights with MSU students in the stadium, knocking over trash and recycling receptacles being paid for to clean up after your sloppiness, CMU students in general made a great name for this university.

It's pathetic. After the SGA worked with CMU Athletics to bring back tailgate, SGA President Justin Gawronski was one of the people who contributed to a letter asking students to "Keep it classy."

'We should have no trouble with that,' I thought. 'While tailgate was always crazy I never felt there was a moment where people were completely disrespectful.'

On Saturday I heard of stories of a female CMU student passing by an elderly couple wearing Michigan State apparel.

'Asshole, Asshole, Asshole,' she shouted at them.

Great work, guys. We've managed to reach a whole new level of trashy.

It's sad this has to even be written down, but it seems that CMU students can't even compose themselves to act somewhat decent for a football game.

Earlier this week, Central Michigan Life published a story about CMU students that planned to root for MSU. Tensions erupted on both our Facebook page and website comments regarding the story. Understandable, CMU students want those that got in for free to root for CMU, despite the fact that CMU students already paid for their ticket by paying for the athletic budget.

That being put aside, just because someone doesn't root for the same team as you doesn't give you the ability to not treat them as a human. Just because you're drunk doesn't give you the right to treat other people like garbage.

In the name of "Chippewa Pride" people were rude, angry and downright terrible. We aren't animals.

If it's really that hard to respect your fellow human at CMU, then hell, maybe I'm a senior at the right time.

One thing is for sure, Saturday was a disgrace to CMU alums and to those that have any affiliation with this university whatsoever.

Sorry, CMU, we're still the little brother in so many ways.


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