LETTER: Freshmen enrollment issues caused by bigger problems

Every CMU alum should be disquieted by the University's freshmen enrollment.

Like most trend reversals there is never a singular cause but instead an imperfect storm; multiple factors leading us to this data.

First, it's quite true Michigan geo-demographics show a declining pool of students. But to suggest that factor alone is in play is to miss obvious recent developments within the university's myopic leadership.

Just two years ago, record freshmen applications were reported, CMU was gaining momentum as a destination, and innumerable positive developments were on the horizon.

With a new president, a seemingly detached board, and a discontented faulty, infighting between the hierarchy and faculty results in a massive "no confidence" vote for Ross and Shapiro.

In parallel CMU's marketing acuity seems at an all time low and distasteful as it may appear to academe, marketing is nuova scienza.

Top it off with one of CMU's major brand profile leaders since 2004 (national rankings and bowl invitations) CMU's football program has reached its nadir thanks to its coaching selection.

Those in the academic temple may scoff at that but tell that to Boise State, TCU or Ohio U.

So on behalf of countless thousands who love CMU and see its potential (though our input is rarely solicited beyond contribution requests), the board had better wake up, respond, and demand a return to excellence.

CMU is a marketer's dream but dreams and vision don't always parallel. Si vis pachem, para bellum. (If you wish for peace, prepare for war).

Tim Moore,

CMU alum