Q & A with middle blocker Kalle Mulford

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan are the most common home states that make up the Central Michigan Volleyball team. The odd player out is freshman middle blocker, Kalle Mulford from Simi Valley, Calif.

Central Michigan Life had a chance to sit down and get to know Mulford.

Morgan Yuncker: What is your favorite movie?

KM: "Fast Five" because I love Paul Walker, I love fast cars and I love exotic places.

MY: Do you have a pre-game playlist?

KM: I have more of pre-game artists; they are Akon, Brittany Spears and One Direction.

MY: What are your pre-game rituals?

KM: I always blow my nose right before the game, because I feel really awkward if I don’t.

MY: What do you do on bus rides to games?

KM: I like to read books; I just finished The Hunger Games and loved it. But, yeah, I read a lot because I can’t sleep on the bus, because I’m too big to fit in the seats.

MY: Who do you hang out with on the team?

KM: Kristen (Reenders) and Hallie (Enderle) because sometimes I get too serious, and they are always there to make me laugh.

MY: What's your funniest memory from this year?

KM: It’s not really a one-time thing, but I always enjoy when Kristen falls for no reason. It's not even during the game; it's randomly when she falls, and it's almost everyday.

MY: What's something people don’t know about you?

KM: People don’t know that every time I watch "The Lucky One," I cry alone in my room, because it is just so touching.

MY: What do you like to do outside of volleyball?

KM: I like to watch movies. I like to hang out by myself and relax and enjoy my downtime. I like to walk around; campus is so pretty. I’ve never seen fall, and I like to people watch.

MY: Explain how you committed to Central Michigan.

KM: I already knew I was committing for sure, but I needed to talk to my dad first before I told coach (Erik Olson). Coach would ask me all these questions like ‘What don’t you like about it here,’ and I would lie and tell him things when I knew all along I wanted to come here.

MY: Why did you pick Central Michigan?

KM: I definitely knew I wanted to play out of state. I loved the girls, but coach probably sold me the most. He was the only head coach that I thought was going to make me better. Every other coach was like, 'you're so good,' etc., but Coach was like ‘you know, you're okay,’ so I knew he was going to make me better.

MY: What do you like most about campus?

KM: I love the seasons; I’ve enjoyed them so much. I didn’t know leaves fell off the tree. When I first came here, I asked my mom if there was a fire because all the leaves were off the trees and she was like, 'no Kalle, the leaves just fall off the trees'."

MY: What's the worst thing about campus?

KM: The weather! It’s so cold.

MY: What are your major and minor?

KM: (I'm) majoring in information systems and minoring in management.

MY: How do you like dorm life?

KM: I love the dorm and my roommates. There are only three of us, and they want to add a fourth, but I don’t like that idea. My roommates are one non-athlete and one track player, and they always come to my games and support me, which is really cool.


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