ADVICE: When to end a new relationship

Question: I started seeing a guy, but I already know I wouldn't date him as my boyfriend. Should I end it now or see if things change?

To answer your question I’ll run through the two scenarios depending on whether you choose to continue seeing him or not. You have seen him a few times, so you must see something you like or enjoy about him, but you're certain that you do not want to date him.

The main problem you're facing is that you are seeing a person you don’t want to date, but he probably wants to be more than just friends. If you like spending time with him, you should let him know that you are not interested in him like he might be interested in you. If you don’t tell him, you could just lead him on until he makes a move and things become very awkward between you two. If he doesn’t want more than a friendship, then you're both on the same page and you have nothing to worry about.

If you keep seeing him:

Like before, you have to make sure he knows how you feel about your relationship. Call me crazy, but he might surprise you if you give him a chance or some time with you. If nothing transpires between you two, then you can not expect anything more from him. He will want more out of the relationship than you are willing to offer making you unhappy and unfulfilled about the relationship. Just be prepared for him to push the relationship to places you might not want it to go.

If you stop seeing him:

Remember that the reason why you should start a relationship is if the other person fulfills a need you cannot obtain yourself. If the other person does nothing for you and you know you're not going to date him, then why would you even try to make something out of nothing?Instead of trying to be nice and prolong an unwanted companionship, you should look elsewhere and find someone else to better suit your interests instead of trying to settle for something less.

If you keep seeing this guy, that you are only prolonging an inevitable awkward situation and painful breakup for him. Instead of leading him on, you should let him know that you are not interested and stop seeing him. There are plenty of fish in the Central Michigan University sea and I’m sure you don’t have to put up with this unwanted person any longer. The decision is up to you, but make sure it’s the decision that makes you happiest.


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