Copper Beech Townhomes to expand, adding 10 more buildings, for 2013 school year

Copper Beech Townhomes is planning to add 10 buildings with 256 bedrooms,  a pool, tennis court and a basketball court to its 4750 E. Blue Grass Road housing complex.

The project will cost an estimated $8 million.

The Charter Township of Union Board of Trustees Wednesday approved a special use permit to rezone property on Bluegrass Road.

The land has been rezoned from commercial property to multi-family residential property, allowing the complex to build at least five new units across the street from its current location.

“The buildings will be ready for next fall for the 2013 school year,” said Woody Woodruff, zoning administrator for Union Township.

The commission also has plans to construct Commons Drive, a new road extended to Isabella Road, giving Copper Beech a second exit, he said.

Supervisor John Barker said the construction of a new road will help by giving residents an option to have another entrance.

"It would be nice," Barker said. "A lot of people will take the southern exit and head back into town that way."

The planning commission said the new apartments will not have any significant impact on the surrounding properties.

The additions are estimated to bring about $1 million in tax revenue to Union Township, Woodruff said.

Copper Beech is currently working with Union Township to expand for more upscale student housing to be built.

The rezoning request was submitted July 26, and a public hearing was held Aug. 15 by the planning commission, which then recommended approval to the board.

“The property is currently owned by Isabella Bank as collateral for the previous development,” Woodruff said. “It is my understanding that the purchase is contingent on getting zoning approval. Typical condition of sale of use where there are numerous steps with discretionary approval.”

Calls to made Copper Beech Townhomes were not returned.

- Metro Editor Hailee Sattavara contributed to this article.


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