EDITORIAL: No on Proposal 2

Proposal 2 is an unnecessary and potentially harmful power grab by Michigan unions and could have harmful long-term effects on how the state operates.

The proposal, if approved, would amend the state constitution to guarantee collective bargaining for both public and private employees and nullify many of the state's existing collective bargaining laws. Virtually everything, even drug testing for cops and firefighters, would be subject to bargaining.

While unions have an essential role in a capitalist society and in protecting workers' rights, this proposal is completely unnecessary. Sure, collective bargaining has been under fire in states like Wisconsin and Indiana, but any real attempt at right-to-work legislation in Michigan has been shot down instantly, and there is almost no public pressure for any of those laws to be put into place.

Proposal 2 essentially fixes a nonexistent problem and puts in place more road blocks for the state and local municipalities to get back on the road to prosperity. Much of the financial crises facing cities and towns statewide can be traced back to the expensive contracts and pensions on the books for public employees negotiated by unions. The last thing those municipalities need is more red tape.

At present, legislation already exists to allow unions to collectively bargain, but this proposal would make public employees subject to the wants and power moves by others.

One voice can speak louder than a group of disorganized, unfocused voices, and people should be able to choose when to use their voice without being subjected to groupthink.

Unions can be helpful in some instances, but people should be able to opt out of them if they choose to.

Vote no on Proposal 2.


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