Halloween: Which weekend do you celebrate?

Halloween falling on today did not stop students from celebrating last weekend, but will the celebration continue next weekend?

Some students are questioning what weekend to dress up and celebrate the childhood holiday.

Junior Natalie Regener was one of the many students who got her costumes and Halloween spirit in last weekend.

The Clinton Township native said there was a large deciding factor that influenced her decision in a prior weekend celebration.

“Central/Western weekend falling this weekend did influence my decision on when to celebrate. That's going be such a fun weekend in itself, it didn't make sense to cram celebrating Halloween into it, too," Regener said.

Sophomore Eric Rapier also chose to celebrate last weekend considering the big rivalry game as well. Rapier said he is looking forward to the coming up weekend rather than the weekend that has passed.

“For me, Western weekend is more exciting than Halloween,” the Holt native said. “Which definitely made me celebrate Halloween last weekend.”

Regener said her school work load also came into play when deciding when to celebrate.

“If I was really busy with classes this week, I probably would have to put school first, so the weird timing could affect my choice, but luckily my week wasn't too bad,” Regener said.

Some people associate Halloween with younger children and trick-or-treating, but Rapier said college students enjoy it just as much. For both males and females, the key factor in still celebrating Halloween was clear to Rapier.

“It’s for girls to dress inappropriately,” he said.

Regener said she didn’t think that there was an age on celebrating this particular holiday.

“It’s just fun to dress up and do something you can only do once a year,” Regener said. “Any person whether teenager or (in their) 20’s enjoys it.”


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