Leron Eaddy concerned about daughter, family in middle of Hurricane Sandy

Leron Eaddy said he couldn't sleep Monday night thinking about his daughter and his rest of the family back home in Philadelphia going through the heart of Hurricane Sandy.

The Central Michigan football defensive back was in a rush after practice Tuesday to get back to the locker room and call his family in midst of a "superstorm."

"I haven't talked to them this morning," Eaddy said Tuesday. "I called at three in the morning last night. I didn't know how bad it was until my mom told me the death count."

The Associated Press reported the death toll at 33 by Tuesday afternoon.

Eaddy said he was thankful his family was doing alright, though he was still very concerned.

"It's not flooding there yet," Eaddy said. "But there is still a lot coming to them; high winds and rain."

His family, along with most of the Philadelphia area, is without power.

"We are going to push to make sure power gets back up," President Barrack Obama said during a press conference at the American Red Cross headquarters.

According to Weather.com, the winds in Philadelphia should not get over 30 mph, but rain is expected to continue throughout the day. Wednesday, the rain is expected to let up after the morning.

Eaddy has 26 tackles and one interception through his junior year at CMU. After a quick post-practice interview, he hustled into the locker room to try to get his family on the phone.

"My daughter, parents, girlfriend and siblings are all there," Eaddy said with a nervous smile. "It's scary"


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