LETTER: Disgusted by campaign’s actions

I am disgusted by the “Adam Lawrence for Mid-Michigan” campaign.

A recent college graduate, Mr. Adam Lawrence is running for state representative for the 99th District against Kevin Cotter this November.

As a Democrat, I am thankful that I am voting absentee this year and will not have to vote for a man like Mr. Lawrence.

As a photographer, my work is my intellectual property and belongs to me unless used with my permission.

I recently watched an advertisement for the Lawrence campaign and found that he used photos I had taken of him without my permission to promote his campaign.

I kindly but sternly addressed the campaign, and the result: I was banned from the Facebook page and my comment was removed.

This is what a candidate for state government acts like? First steals intellectual property and then ignores concerns about it? How can the needs of the constituency be entrusted in a man who plays dirty politics and ignores the requests of the constituents themselves?

I grew up learning to judge a man by the content of his character, and the behavior I have witnessed from Mr. Lawrence has left me worried.

If a man has to steal property to make himself noticed, what does that say about him? I urge those who vote in this district, and every district, to research their candidates and judge them by their character.

And remember, if no candidate seems to suffice, there’s always the power of the blank ballot.

And to those who envision running for any public office one day, learn from Mr. Lawrence how NOT to act and keep it classy you might have more success.

I am co-chair of the American Civil Liberties Union RSO on campus, and my views do not represent those of the organization or the individuals within it.


Brynn McDonnell

Rockford sophomore