Receiving depth continues to shine

One area the football team has been able to rely on since 2009 has been its depth at the receiving position.

Three years ago, it was Bryan Anderson, Antonio Brown, Kito Poblah and a young freshman named Cody Wilson who were reeling in the passes.

Today, Wilson is the senior leader, paving the way for sophomores Titus Davis, Courtney Williams and Deon Butler.

“This has been in the making for a while,” senior quarterback Ryan Radcliff said. “We’ve got Cody, Titus, Courtney, Jerry Harris, who is a heck of a receiver, and Andrew Flory, who I think is going to be real good someday.”

So, what is it about this group that makes it special?

Davis said he believes the group is dangerous, because each receiver has a different style.

“That’s the strength; everyone brings something different to the table,” he said. “Courtney has a big body and can go up and get the ball. Cody is quick and a third–down kind of guy, and I’m more of a deep threat.”

Perhaps another reason for the group’s success is its senior leadership. Every great receiver has had someone ahead of him to pass the torch.

Brown had Anderson. Wilson had Brown. And now the underclassmen have Wilson and Harris to show how they to get things done.

“From last year and this year, they’ve helped me to become a complete receiver and a leader,” Davis said. “I follow them. They’re great role models and it can only help us.”

Central Michigan has had a recurring theme of underclassmen stepping up in the receiver role, making it easier to fill the hole left by the departing upperclassmen.

“It was big having Courtney and Titus play such key roles last season as true freshmen,” Radcliff said. “I see big things for this program in the future.”

Radcliff has made completions to 13 different players through the first five games this season, including five that have caught touchdown passes.

Wilson leads the team with 394 receiving yards, and Davis leads with four touchdowns.

The receiving core will have a chance to shine at Kelly/Shorts Stadium with a four–game home stretch starting at 8 p.m. Friday when CMU hosts Navy.


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