LETTER: Sexualization of Breast Cancer Awareness Month saddening

As Breast Cancer Awareness month winds down, I am greeted with relief.

The sexualization of breast cancer is not only on CMU’s campus, but it’s becoming a nationwide phenomena.

Between “save the tatas” bracelets and “grope your wife” T-shirts, the fight against breast cancer is turning away from the movement of camaraderie and hope, to a sexual exploitative campaign to make money.

It saddens me that this new, degrading method of cancer awareness seems to be the new trend.

What about the women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer? What about women who must undergo mastectomies in order to survive? What about the thousands of men who get breast cancer?

This sexualized campaign against breast cancer alienates all of these groups of people. It takes away focus on the person and only spotlights the parts.

I am particularly disgusted with a group of CMU students who annually decorate the front of the Bovee University Center with bras to raise awareness for breast cancer. These actions turn away focus on the issue itself and turns a terrible experience into sexualized objectification.

It treats women as being faceless body parts and fails to honor the women (and men) who really are affected by cancer.

There are real, hope-filled organizations in Mount Pleasant that promote dignity to women and families affected by breast cancer. One in particular is the Angel Wings Fund, an organization that works to assist families of breast cancer victims.

I am disappointed that this Breast Cancer Awareness Month focused so heavily on women as sexual objects, and I hope that in the future the CMU community sees beyond “saving the tatas."

Brynn McDonnell

Rockford sophomore


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