Students ready for All-American Rejects, Boys Like Girls concert Sunday at CMU

Holly senior Michelle Vermilya said she has a strong appreciation for The All-American Rejects.

"Their music has gotten me through a lot of rough patches in life," Vermilya said.

Vermilya, along with other students and community members, can see The All-American Rejects perform Sunday at the Events Center. Boys Like Girls and The Ready Set will also be performing, with The Ready Set opening at 7 p.m.

AAR’s most recent single, “Gives You Hell,” hit certified platinum four times making sales of more than $4 million in the U.S.

Boys Like Girls' 2008 single "Great Escape" peaked at 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. While The Ready Set, who is the stage name for Jordan Mark Witzigreuter, has hit U.S. platinum with his single "Love Like Woe."

Flint junior and Program Board concert chairman David Grays said PB does not yet have a specific number for how many students will be attending, but they are expecting a large crowd.

"We (the Program Board) thought that bringing such an esteemed band to campus would be exciting to students,"  Gray said. "Student interest has been high."

Rogers City senior Jess Ruppert said she is looking forward to the concert because Boys Like Girls is one of her favorite bands.

"Boys Like Girls used to be one of my favorite bands in high school," Lynn said. "There's no way I'd miss them live."

Lynn said Boys Like Girls' music has sentimental value in her life.

"Their music just reminds me of the summer after I turned 16," Lynn said. "There are a lot of memories that go with each song."

Tickets for the event are still on sale at Ticket Central. Students can buy tickets priced at $15, $12 and $10. Tickets on sale for the public are priced at $22, $19 and $15.


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