ALBUM REVIEW: There is No Doubt that the album 'Push and Shove' is a hit

For those of you who feared that Gwen Stefani was going to be another '90s rocker chick that falls off, your mind can now be at ease.

No Doubt released their first album in the past 11 years, "Push and Shove," on Sept. 25 and it was definitely worth waiting for.

Billboard has called the album a combination of '80s and '90s southern California ska scene, electric pop and dance hall. All these styles of music reflect the band’s classic fan appeal and whether you’re a diehard No Doubt fan or just jumping on the bandwagon, "Push and Shove" is worth a listen.

It is fully loaded with 11 exciting and upbeat tracks. "Easy," the album’s longest track at 5:11, and the album-titled "Push and Shove" are tracks with eccentric lyrics that will satisfy the No Doubt kooky lyric fanatics.

Some of the quirky standout lyrics that fans are raving about are from ‘Push and Shove.' Stefani says “We be on another level like we’re doing yoga!” But, the album isn’t all fun and games.

There is also a track for the romantics, "Gravity," which was written presumably to Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale. The raving guitar jam “Looking Hot” is comparable to the 2001 hit “Hella Good” and for being 42, Stefani is still down to keep surprising the world with her confident attitude.

"Settle Down" is a track that doesn’t necessarily have a hook or that pop feel that some of the tracks do, but it’s still got the classic No Doubt feel to it. On the other end of that spectrum is "Sparkle," which is brassy and almost Jamaican sounding that again only No Doubt can rock out to.

The album doesn’t really have the strong ballad feel of  their top charter “Don’t Speak," but the track "Undone" comes pretty close with heart wrenching emotion in the lyrics. Stefani belts out "I'm undone/And there's nothing I can do /This time it's all out of my hands /Just when I was getting good why does it have to end?"

The heartbreak anthem, "One More Summer," is perfect for a breakup or unhappy ending relationship, including a catchy hook, "One more summer / one more weekend / I'm your lover / You're my weakness, that will have any fan singing along right away."

Overall, it’s a great album that has been long awaited. Fans will be happy to hear that even though the group members ages have reached their 40s, they still have a lighthearted feel as if they were still in their 20s.


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