COLUMN: Chris Brown is not a role model

On Feb. 8, 2009, singer, songwriter and actor Chris Brown was convicted for assaulting recording artist Rihanna and was placed on five years probation.

Five days ago, Brown was interviewed on the E! network, talking lightly about the incident and calling himself a role model.

In response to why he is supporting an arts charity for young children, he said, “Ya know, everybody looks up to me; they say I’m a role model in a way, but I definitely wants kids to see I’m doing the right thing and giving back.”

No, Chris. You’re not a role model. You’re a filthy excuse for a human being.

Call me bitter, but Brown does not deserve to be featured on a television talk show, let alone, call himself a role model for children.

He goes on to say this: “(Symphonic) Love is basically just giving back to the Genesee Center for, like, domestic violence and everything I’ve been through in my situation and showing them there’s a way out and a positive side to getting through your situation.”

The E! anchor mentioned how the courthouse judge monitoring his probation is proud of Brown for “being good.”

Brown then started to laugh about how the judge joked around and asked him to dance in the courthouse. I then lost all respect for mankind.

Congrats, Chris. You’ve gone three years without assaulting a girl. Bravo.

But it’s OK, guys; Rihanna publicly forgave him for brutally beating her up, although most victims of assault forgive people because they're scared and feel emotionally tied to the person or believe it's their fault.

I am appalled by the way the public puts celebrities on a pedestal. This man assaults a woman and we make fun with it by telling him to dance in the courthouse. If any other person was convicted of these charges, they would not be in the spotlight a couple of years later being supported by fans. This is news that can ruin people.

This is the problem with Hollywood. Most celebrities thrive on attention and publicity, as much as they say they don’t. He is only doing this cause to cover up his “situation” a couple years ago.  I honestly don’t think he’d be doing this if he was just a guy off the street who wouldn’t necessarily be noticed for it.

When I heard about the incident in 2009, I thought for sure his career was over.

I never thought, three years later, I’d flip on entertainment news and see him joking around on TV.

Chris Brown should not be anyone’s role model. Sure, we all make mistakes, even celebrities, but some “mistakes” don’t need to be forgiven.


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