Program Board bringing 'Dark Knight Rises' producer to campus next week

The only man to ever get a doctorate in comics, Michael Uslan, will come to campus Wednesday to discuss his role in producing every major Batman movie.

Uslan, who will be speaking at Platcha Auditorium at 7 p.m. Wednesday, has been a producer of every major Batman film since Tim Burton's 1989 film and has also been involved in the production of various full-length animated Batman features based on the popular TV shows "Batman," the animated series, and "The Batman."

Jon Milliman, a Bronson senior and the lecture chairman for Program Board, said Uslan's work with Batman makes him attractive to Central Michigan University's student body.

"Michael Uslan appeals to students because of his work in the 'Dark Knight Rises,'" Milliman said. "That was a very popular movie over the summer, and a lot of students are interested in it."

Uslan's speech will be the pinnacle of the Program Board-sponsored Superhero Week, which will focus several events. The week began on Monday with a lecture by Dr. Nair Al-Mutawa, who is the creator of "The 99", a group of superheroes based on Islamic culture, and will be streaming several films leading up to Uslan's appearance, including the 2002 action movie "Spiderman" and "The Dark Knight Rises."

Nicole Murawski said associating Uslan with Superhero Week has helped ramp up interest in the lecture.

"It's hard to market sometimes, because students receive so much information everyday, and some of it is due to slip out," Murawski said. "... It works together, though students involved in Superhero Week can get involved in the events and can be introduced to more than just one media. Making the association allows us to better supply entertainment."

Milliman said Uslan found the path to his success difficult, having his ideas frequently rejected by Hollywood studios. Milliman said students will be able to find inspiration from Milliman's struggles.

"I think students will be able to take a look at his life and take away that you shouldn't give up," Milliman said. "You should never give up your dreams"


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