Girls are not exception for growing hair during November

Senior Evelyn Wood said the best kind of beard is the kind that can house small birds.

"I love a massive beard," the Lansing native said. "Beards give people characters."

While some ladies love a solid and lengthy beard, there is actually a better incentive behind the time of 'No Shave November.'

The Movember Foundation has created the idea of a month of no shaving in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancer health problems.

Freshman Kellan Whitman said she knew of the importance of 'No Shave November' because her high school, Grand Rapids Christian, raised money to support the charity and its organizations.

"The month serves a purpose and it's working to benefit a good cause," Whitman said.

Junior Amanda Johnson said she had no idea 'No Shave November' was actually an important cause beyond the craze of the beard growing for men.

"I thought guys just did it to be manly or cool," the Macomb native said. "Or that some guys just did it as an excuse to be lazy."

Not all females are fans of the untrimmed and unruly beards that are grown during the month of November.

Johnson said she prefers men to have a nice, clean-shaven face, especially when it is concerned with romantic relationships.

"It's not exactly comfortable to kiss a guy when their facial hair is attacking your face," Johnson said.

Wood said facial hair can make it unpleasant to kiss, but some women may view a beard as being more masculine.

"I think that more facial hair can age men," Whitman said. "In a good way."

Johnson said as a female she chooses not to participate in the events of growing out her own body hair.

A common trend among females thinking that 'No Shave November' should only be a male activity, but Wood said there is no need to keep it for men only, and involving women in the hair growing would be interesting.

"I don't think there needs to constantly be a gender barrier. If a female wants to participate, it's just as cool as if a guy wanted to," Wood said.

Overall, Wood said 'No Shave November' is just for fun, but she does look forward to Dec. 1.

"I like when the guys shave their beards into interesting mustaches or side burns and mutton chops," Wood said.

Whitman said beards look good to a certain extent, but by the end of the month she isn't sad to see them go.

Johnson said she has seen some pretty lengthy and crazy beards, but overall the month of November is one like most others.

Without the purchase of razors, of course.


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