MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn— Part 2’ marks the end of a phenomenon

"Twilight" hit Hollywood like a storm seemingly overnight and became a phenomenon all over the world.
The series soon became as famous as the Harry Potter books and movies.The saga got much of publicity before the first movie even came out into theaters. After the first movie, a lot of people felt as if the cast was not picked out well enough. The first movie left out a lot of what happened in the book and it did not help that it seemed as if Kristen Stewart could not act.

Regardless of the negative effects that came from the first movie, the movies continued to do well in the box office as curiosity got the best of people.

As the series progressed, the movies seemed to improve. It is said that "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn— Part 2" is the best Twilight movie ever.

The truth to that is clear when you watch this movie. It is the best "Twilight" ever made and part of that can be traced back to producer Stephanie Meyer.

Most books-turned-movies are signed off to the producers and the author has little or nothing to do with the movie after that. Authors should have a chance to be a part of making the vision in their heads that they intended for the books to come alive in the theaters.

The movie took off right away, not wasting anytime in the beginning with fluff. It got to the point and took off strong and never nose-dived.

It shined with plenty of the romance that first hooked "Twilight" to the millions of  fans all the while keeping up with the action that has been evident in each of the past installments. It started with Bella’s first feeding, eventually building to a climactic fight scene at the end. Besides the alternative ending, which had everyone in the theater speechless, the movie followed the way of the book pretty well.

Contrary to her other performance, Stewart is a marvel in this final "Twilight" movie. She plays her character very well, coming off as a strong independent women rather than the innocent and slightly unbalanced Bella. She is a force to be reckoned with in this last film.

Although the movie industry is contemplating the possibility of making yet another "Twilight" movie, "Breaking Dawn" provided an ending to the saga, going as far to list all of the actors and actresses that have starred in the series.

Rating: Three out of five stars.


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