Provost's report on academic calendar delayed, until next semester for A-senate

Provost Gary Shapiro's report on the proposed academic calendar change has been postponed until the spring semester.

The Academic Senate voted last month to approve a motion from the Student Government Association regarding the proposed change. The motion charged a report from the provost to give the benefits and costs of the academic calendar change to A-Senate so senators could have all the facts to determine whether to proceed or rescind their vote for the academic calendar change.

SGA Vice President Killian Richeson said at the Oct. 30 A-Senate meeting the motion was for more information on the academic calendar change because a lot of questions that SGA had were not answered. He said students want to know more about factors such as how the calendar would affect the cost of housing and tuition.

Shapiro said earlier this month he would report back to A-Senate within 30 days of the charge. Shapiro said a number of potential issues were identified at A-Senate, and the appropriate offices would report back to him with information. He said he would then aggregate responses and report back to A-Senate.

Executive Director of Faculty Personnel Services Matt Serra has received a number of responses regarding the proposed changes to the academic calendar, Shapiro said at Tuesday’s A-Senate meeting.

A-Senate does not have another meeting this semester. The next meeting will take place Jan. 15.

SGA President Justin Gawronski, who was not present at Tuesday's A-Senate meeting, said he does not have any issues with the delay.

“I’d rather have it take a little longer than have it be presented hastily,” the Macomb junior said.

The SGA House and Senate both voted on Oct. 22 to officially oppose changes to the academic calendar that would take effect in fall 2014, as previously reported by CM Life. The fall 2014 semester would begin after Labor Day on Sept. 2, and would shorten the length of the semester from 16 weeks to 15 weeks.


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