Students celebrate Obama re-election, political groups watch returns together

Union City senior, Jenny Carver (right), Grand Blanc senior, Kara Sadowski (left), and Royal Oak senior, Cody Cyr (far), chat while watching the 2012 election in the down under food court on Tuesday night.Zack Wittman//Staff Photographer

Students at the 1892 Productions viewing party in the Bovee University Center watched intently as the map of the states turned red and blue as majority votes were determined for the 2012 presidential election.

Vice President of College Democrats Taylor Gehrke said as soon as President Obama's re-election was announced, he was filled with a sense of relief and dedication was paid off for the Democrat Party. He said he's satisfied Michigan's large voter turnout contributed to the outcome.

"(President Obama's) re-election is going to allow many more things to flourish in all spectrums," the Comstock Park sophomore said.

Chairperson of the College Republicans Megan Gill said the neck-and-neck election was creeping up in President Obama’s favor, and she wasn't too surprised when the outcome was announced. Gill said it came down to swing states of Ohio and Florida.

The Traverse City senior said she expected it to be down to the very last vote, and she wishes it came out stronger for the Republicans.

"We have to look at the popular vote," she said. "It really highlights the support on both sides."

Gehkre said he didn't know how to comment on the results of popular vote leaning toward Romney, and further reporting will tell whether that is true.

"It will be interesting," he said.

Gill said moving forward, the country needs to put divisons aside and get things done — united.

Midland senior Kevin Keith raised up his hands when President Obama was announced to serve his second term.

"I'm impressed with the quick process," he said. "In previous elections, there were problems."

Co-chair of 1892 Productions Mat Perry said he feels he was one of the few cheering for Mitt Romney.

“It was a close call,” he said. “It could have gone either way.”

Although he didn’t feel as informed this presidential cycle with vagueness on major issues from each party, Perry said he has been a Romney fan for years. After doing his research, Perry said he “read between the lines” and made the best educated decision.

“I disagree with the healthcare bill Obama is passing, so I (leaned) toward Romney,” he said.

As for the economic recovery, Perry said Romney is the better candidate to get the U.S. back on track with helping small businesses.

Wisconsin freshman Leah Townsend said the viewing party represented U.S. democracy. Voting for the first time, she said she feels a party of history. Townsend aligns with President Obama’s views on important topics, especially on minority issues.

“I believe he will bring the troops back from Afghanistan,” she said.

To campaign for President Obama, she said she followed him on Twitter and would retweet his major stances on issues.

Another student at the viewing party, Dan Milligan, said he didn’t hesitate to vote for Mitt Romney because President Obama “had his chance and failed.”

In order to turn the country back around financially, the Riverview junior said the country needs a Republican.

“I’ll be pretty confident if Romney is our new President,” he said projections were made for President Obama's re-election.


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