Former CMU student sentenced to probation, education course

Nathan David Gross, 19, has been sentenced to 18 months of probation and the completion of an intensive drug and alcohol education weekend course in lieu of five days in jail.

Defense Attorney Anne McLellan said since Gross has been expelled from CMU, he has taken the repercussions seriously.

“My client was dumb enough to get involved with drugs,” McLellan said. “…my client is concerned, worried and cooperative.” McLellan said without drugs this incident would not have happened and since Gross has been working and plans to return to school.

However, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Bob Holmes viewed the altercation differently.

“This is a very serious incident that could have wound up much more tragically,” he said.

Judge Mark H. Duthie sentenced Gross to five days in jail, two of which were suspended due to Gross’s attendance of substance abuse treatment groups, and the remaining three days have the potential of also being suspended, pending completion of an intensive drug and alcohol education weekend.

Gross was ordered to pay $1,173 in addition to serving 104 hours of community service.

Gross declined comment.

As Central Michigan Life previously reported, on Sept. 19, the Central Michigan University Police Department received a call regarding a disorderly student in the lobby of Kessler Hall, who was believed to be on LSD.

After officers arrived at the scene, Gross became violent, head butting the first police officer and having to be wrestled to the ground once the second officer arrived.

“LSD is a crazy drug, it’s not predictable,” CMU Police Chief Bill Yeagley said in September. “You can become violent like this individual did. It creates a lot of negative effects.”

Steve Smith, director of public relations at CMU, previously told CM Life at one point during the altercation, Gross collapsed and stopped breathing.

Smith said CMU police officers immediately administered CPR, reviving Gross, who was then handcuffed and transported to McLaren-Central Michigan hospital for treatment.

The Grand Blanc freshman was charged with three felonies following the incident: one count of attempt to disarm a police officer, a 10-year felony, and two counts of resisting or obstructing police, each of which are up to two-year felonies, Yeagley previously told CM Life.

In addition, Gross was charge with two misdemeanor acts: one for the use of a controlled substance, a six-month misdemeanor, and one count of simple assault, a 93-day misdemeanor charge.


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