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LETTER: College abuse of Adderall gives unfair advantage

Recently it has came to my attention the prevalence of Adderall abuse in college students.

Rather than setting appropriate time aside to study, students are relying on this substance to cram for an exam, or to focus on an exam.

At the end of my college career I will proudly be able to say I got through those awful 10 page papers and tough exams because I worked hard and studied, and not because I relied on Adderall.

Many students may blame their reasoning for using this ‘smart pill’ because of the high expectations and competitiveness in college.

However, users of this substance have an unfair advantage compared to the students that do not use this substance. The prevalence of this substance on college campuses draws many concerns for the future of these students.

Adderall is considered a Schedule 2 controlled substance, with a high rate for addiction. If students continually rely on this substance to get through college, when graduation time comes around they may discover they are unable to function without it.

Just think about the amount of people who will be in treatment for Adderall because of their dependence on the drug from habitual use in college.

Not to mention the amount of negative effects this substance can have on users including mood swings, loss of appetite, and trouble sleeping. I believe college campuses should take this issue seriously, and be aware of the fast growing rate of Adderall users across the nation.


Amanda Walker

Livonia junior