Students prepare for finals, find relief in holiday photos

Reindeer hats, Santa hats, garlands — even ugly Christmas sweaters — graced students as they smiled for the camera.

Central Michigan University's Photo Club spent two hours Wednesday taking pictures of students wearing Christmas apparel and giving students photos they are bound to remember.

It's all part of Photo Club's efforts to help students unwind before the upcoming finals week.

Photo Club spent two hours taking seasonal photos of students in the Down Under Food Court Wednesday afternoon, and after they decided the best photo, they uploaded it to the student's Facebook account.

"It's a fun thing to do. It gives students an opportunity to just take a break," CMU Photo Club President and Macomb junior Spencer Harrison said. "Plus, with the season background, it allows students to look forward to the holidays as well."

Photo Club will be holding another Holiday Photo Booth event this Friday in the Towers from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A $2 donation is recommended.

It's one of the several things students have done this week to de-stress, but when they're not having fun they'll be buried in books.

Nick Caudill, a South Lyon freshman, plans to go into pre-law but for now has to complete a history major, giving him too many terms to memorize in too little time.

"Four exams multiplied (by) six hours each is 24. I have 24 hours of studying," Caudill said, contemplating what he plans to do this upcoming weekend. "I don't know how I'm going to do it."

Caudill said while he may not know how he's going to do it, he sure knows how he's going to approach it.

"I generally use notecards," Caudill said. "Thousands of notecards. They help me memorize the key terms."

Sarah Lovinger, a Hillsdale junior, said she does not study with nearly as much gusto as Caudill. Thankfully, she doesn't need to — her communication major is more or less "self-explanatory."

"When the exams feature difficult stuff, stuff like theories, I usually just cram," Lovinger said. "I'm not the image of perfection."

Her pre-exam ritual is the secret to her success.

"I always get to class one hour early, and just study in the seat I'm going to sit at," Lovinger said. "I don't know if it's that I'm in the same chair, or if it's I'm in the same room, but usually it really helps."

Lovinger remembers back when she used to have difficult exams.

"I had this geology exam, where we had to identify rocks by just their texture," Lovinger said. "I mean, that was ridiculous, they're all just rocks to me. I was completely lost."

Alex Keiser, a Saginaw sophomore, has a different method than Lovinger, one much more traditional.

"I usually study on a two-hour span. Two hours studying, one hour off, two hours studying, one hour off — that kind of thing," Kaiser said. "That, and coffee."

Keiser, in fact, attributes coffee to his continued success in college exams. He said it's the drink's energizing effects that allow him to stay on top of everything he needs to study.

"I don't use any creamer. You have to drink it straight and black," Keriser said. "I don't drink it for the taste"


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