Tom Idema named director of student conduct

The Central Michigan University Office of Student Life has named Tom Idema the director of student conduct after a recent restructuring of the office.

The most notable outcome of this restructuring is the definition and creation of two distinct offices within the Office of Student Life: the Office of Student Conduct and the Office of Student Activities and Involvement.

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for all matters regarding the student code of conduct. It deals directly with students, faculty members and law enforcement officials within the CMU community to ensure the code of conduct is being enforced and upheld.

The Office of Student Activities is responsible for matters concerning student involvement at CMU, such as Greek Life and the different registered student organizations around campus.

"It's a little confusing to explain. The Office of Student Life has always been around, but due to this restructuring, there have been two offices created within the Office of Student Life," Idema said. "In a sense, (the director of student conduct is) a new position created through the restructuring."

Idema previously held the responsibility of overseeing all Greek Life activities and various registered student organizations.

Upon Idema's appointment to his new position, Erica Johnson was named the coordinator for Greek Life and Danielle Rossman was named the coordinator of student organization services. They will be taking over the responsibilities previously held by Idema.

Idema said his new position deals strictly with student conduct and enforcing the statutes of the student code of conduct.

"As the director (of student conduct), I'm responsible for upholding all matters within the student code of conduct," he said. "Various issues such as plagiarism and alcohol violations are all things that come across my desk that I deal with."

Idema previously served as the assistant director of student life and, before that, served as coordinator of student leadership development. He was also a residence hall director.

He will earn an annual salary of $57,000.