Condom Casino Tour featuring STD bingo and beer goggle blackjack, to stop at CMU Feb. 26

Program Board is promoting the only event in which gambling and sexual health have ever been safe.

On Feb. 26, the group will host the Condom Casino Tour, with free admission, at the Bovee University Center, in Rotunda room 221 at 7 p.m.

Program Board Public Relations Chairwoman Nicole Murawski said the event is a new way to connect with students.

“We are trying to bring up common issues for students and give them the chance to become aware," Murawski said. "Our goal on the Program Board is to cater to all students, and this is a different and new way to raise awareness for sexual issues. We are having an entire sexual awareness week during the end of February, right before spring break, which will help shed some light on the area.”

According to the Condom Casino Tour website, the event provides "a compelling and thought-provoking evening for any college student," raising sexual awareness through casino games.

The Bovee UC Rotunda will be set up as a casino, and games such as STD bingo, beer goggle blackjack and lucky in love dice will be played for condoms.

Event Chair Coi Mach, a Grosse Pointe Woods senior, said he has high expectations.

“We are expecting to have between 50 to 100 people; since it is four hours long, people will be coming and going, too," Mach said. "The purpose for this event is for students to learn about safe sex, sexual consequences, sexual choices and sexual identity. The Condom Casino Tour puts fun into education!”

There will be 2,000 condoms used as betting chips, and students are able to keep them.

Pinckney freshman Taylor Kruk is unsure the event is the proper way to discuss issues like safe sex.

“I find this to be an unusual way to talk about safe sex," Kruk said. "Usually, most organizations just hold a meeting that students are mandatory to attend. But, maybe this method will be a better way to get across to students; they definitely will not be falling asleep. I, however, will not be attending, because I am the most unlucky person who will not win any of the games, and I think the idea of using condoms as chips is pretty far-fetched.”

The Condom Casino Tour producers interpret their educational methods positively.

"The basic point is to raise the awareness," event Producer Tim Cormio said. "The event is designed to relate gambling with money to gambling with life and mimic actual life experiences. That way, students can become aware of the actual consequences out there.”


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