Masked mugging on railroad tracks, only a rumor

Police confirmed there was no mugging on campus at the railroad tracks Sunday night.

CMU Police Chief Bill Yeagley said the mugging was made up, and there was no suspect or victim.

“I can confirm 100 percent that there was no mugging that occurred,” Yeagley said. “We know for a fact that there was no actual mugging at the railroad tracks.”

It was around midnight on Jan. 27, when some people walking out of the Student Activity Center saw a police car and got the attention of one of the patrols.

The police were then led to the alleged victim, where they discovered there had been no crime.

“There were a couple individuals who had received a text from the alleged victim; as they are reading that, they flag down an officer,” Yeagley said. “They worked together to find them and find the individual.”

It was said to have been down by some trees off of Broomfield Street and Washington Street, located next to the train tracks on campus property.

“Those are the kind of relationships we need to have by working together to keep everyone safe,” Yeagley said of the individuals who contacted the police. “My hope is people can contact the police so we can spread the information in an accurate manner.”

Shortly after the incident had happened, Twitter erupted with notifications on what happened as well as a description of the nonexistent suspect.

“CMU students: an attempted mugging just took place by train tracks. By Washington and Broomfield. 6ft male wearing a ski mask. Be safe/aware,” one tweet read.


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