Students have trouble balancing health and a college lifestyle

There is no doubt in many students’ minds that making healthy choices in college is harder and more of a challenge than they originally thought.

Dimondale freshman Mikala Blust said one of the oddest eating habits she has seen is students drinking pop with their breakfast in the Real Food on Campus dining room in the Towers.

“I realized that I ate tons of junk food when I first came to (Central Michigan University), and then it seemed the 'freshman 15' was just around the corner,” the native said.

Keeping a nutritious diet is a battle for many students. With constant snacking and many fast food restaurants surrounding campus, the temptation to eat poorly is common.

Mount Pleasant junior Clay McGillvary said he tries to limit eating fast food to once a week.

He said the transition from high school to college and the change in eating habits that comes with the transition caused him to gain 20 pounds.

“I just grab McDonald’s breakfast often,” McGillvary said. "Plus, I have no skills in the kitchen, and it’s hard to cook for just yourself."

Brownstown sophomore Morgan Lajiness said she tries to go work out at the Student Activity Center at least three times a week at a minimum to compensate for the eating habits she picked up on in college.

“I never ate late in high school, so that was something that I had to change,” she said. “Because, if you don’t have Friday classes, you typically end up going out Thursday and end up eating late, which eventually adds up.”

Lajiness said it’s also hard to eat nutritiously because it can be expensive. Buying fruits and vegetables can be a financial pain because they rot quickly.

“I buy a lot of frozen food, because it doesn’t go to waste,” Lajiness said. “It’s cheaper and more efficient for me.”

McGillvary said he feels eating healthy can be out of his budget and time frame.

“Buying a solo meal is expensive; getting things that are made for individuals costs way too much,” he said. “With my girlfriend being a vegetarian and my roommates and I on different schedules, it’s easiest to just go out.”

Blust said eating junk food affects her energy level and motivation to do school work and other things.

“I think it's important to keep a healthy balance in your diet while in college," she said. "When you look good, you feel good"


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