ADVICE: Five things more awesome than Valentine's Day

Raise your hand if you hate Valentine’s Day.

OK, now put your hand down. You look weird.

It’s the one holiday that just seems to sneak up on our overweight winter butts every year. Some people love it, and some people dread it. Either way – it’s happening, people.

If you don’t want to celebrate with flowers and chocolate and everything pink and red and happy and OMG, don’t fret, I got you.

Here are five things more awesome than Valentine’s Day:

1. Watching a “Girls” marathon.

Embrace your inner Lena Dunham crush and spend your evening with her. She will make you feel like you’re not as dumb as you might think and prove that making mistakes is a BIG part of your 20s.

2. Listening to Beyonce.

She is a goddess. We all saw it at the Super Bowl a couple weeks ago. If she can’t boost your self-esteem (guys included), then we have more problems here. Find your best pair of headphones and dance on your kitchen counter. Don’t forget to shut the blinds first.

3. Playing with animals.

Ooooh, how animals love you. You can fart, scratch your butt, wear no makeup, cry and shove your face with Doritos with them in the room and guess what? They still love you.

4. Baking for your best friend.

They’re practically your lover if you’re single. So, get happy by making them happy. They deserve a brownie or two after hearing your trials and tribulations of every person who “broke your heart.”

5. Napping.

Skip class and sleep. Because who doesn’t love napping?


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