ADVICE: What happens on spring break will come back with you

Depending on the state of your relationship, spring break is either going to make you or break you (up, of course).

It’s the one time of the year when people go crazy, forget their morals and just have fun. Because what happens in (insert very warm location here), stays there and doesn’t haunt you when you return back to Michigan, right?

Ha, we can dream.

If you’re embarking on a spring break trip in the next couple days and your relationship is on the fritz, there’s only one thing to tell you: behave?

I’m sure you’re not going to want to, but if you want your current relationship to last, you should listen.

If you’re traveling to your spring break destination together, talk about the trip beforehand.

Some people fantasize about this exotic trip for weeks and think about all of the things they want to do together with their partner. If your plan is to escape with your bros or girls for a couple days and only mingle with your partner when you feel like it, let that be known before the plane ride. Drama will just escalate if you both get there and, surprise, want to do different things.

I know it is spring break, but don’t go overboard with the drinking. Couples are all different when it comes to drinking together. Some love each other that much more and some just begin to hate each other. Neither one is good. Too much lovin’ leads to babies, and too much hatred leads to, you guessed it, fighting. Know your drinking limits and stick to them. Just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean you can escape the consequences.

If you’re going on spring break apart from your partner, be prepared to enjoy some alone time and possibly some conflict. All couples are different, but jealousy is usually an issue, especially when you’re both surrounded by half-naked people who are drinking and looking to hook up.

Don’t cheat on your partner. If you’re already thinking that cheating might be a possibility, break up now. Happy couples don’t even consider cheating. Spring break is not a hall pass, and things won’t just return to normal when you get back to school. And don’t think you can hide it. Odds are other people you know are with you, and if you won’t confess about it, they sure will.

Now, if you’re single going on spring break, just have fun, really. You can do whatever you want, but do remember you still will have to pay the consequences if you get out of control. Remember: What happens on spring break, doesn’t stay on spring break. Especially herpes.

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