CMU students share their worst Valentine's Days




Sometimes it doesn't matter if you're single or in a relationship; many Central Michigan University students have had awful Valentine's Day experiences in the most unique ways imaginable.

Sophomore Brianna Frison was set up on a blind date with a guy who had seen her at a party. The Ohio native said she knew the date wasn't going to go well when they couldn't agree on a movie choice.

"He wanted to see a movie that I had already seen, and we were arguing about it," Frison said. "So, he got his way and we saw it, but I fell asleep during the movie. It was like a deep REM sleep, and he had to wake me up to leave."

Frison said the car ride home was the most awkward thing she has ever experienced on a date. He suggested they get dinner, but she said no because she just wanted to go home. There was no second date.

Junior Zachary Spadaro spent his Valentine's night with his girlfriend at the time. Spadaro said they had plans to see a local concert, and the evening was going well until a random person in the crowd knocked him out cold.

"I was in a daze and unconscious for a second," the Monroe native said. "Not necessarily the most romantic evening."

Jackson junior Gerilyn Moser has also experienced a Valentine's Day marked by an unfortunate event.

Moser said she was caught in a blizzard last Valentine's Day on her way to her boyfriend's house. She slid into oncoming traffic and got in a car accident.

"It wasn't too bad, and I didn't get hurt," Moser said. "But I did dent my dad's Mustang, which my mother was not too happy about."

The most common thing students say is the biggest Valentine's Day downer is not having someone special to celebrate with. With happy couples swarming restaurants and movie theaters, single students can feel as lonely as ever.

St. Johns sophomore Heaven Piper was just getting over a break-up during Valentine's Day a few years ago, and her parents were trying to comfort her by spending the evening attempting to cheer her up.

She said the first problem was letting her dad pick what movie they watched.

"We waited in line to get tickets for nearly an hour, and then he picked some terrible sci-fi movie that sucked," Piper said.

Then, all the restaurants they went to for dinner were booked with reservations all night, Piper said.

"We tried probably five different ones and then ordered pizza in," Piper said. "It was literally just another day with my parents. It was sweet of them to try, but it was still the worst Valentine's Day."

Audrey Hoisington's all-time Valentine's Day bust happened her freshman year in high school when she fell for the jerk.

The Kentwood junior said they had discussed plans all week before he decided to ditch her for someone else once the day came.

"It was high school, and everything in high school that goes bad feels like the end of the world," Hoisington said. "He happened to be a (jerk), though. So I guess I'm glad I dodged that bullet"


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