EDITORIAL: Competition welcome on campus

Central Michigan Life will have competition on campus as soon as the fall semester starts, and we view that as an exciting opportunity for us as a publication and for the student body and community we serve.

Michael Westendorf, CEO of Sterling, Hoffman & Co., which will fund the effort, said the Central Michigan Tribune will begin publishing once per week as soon as this fall, and we encourage all of our readers to take a look at the new publication and decide for themselves which publication they prefer.

Being an informed and active student and citizen means being well-equipped with information about the university, campus, student life and every aspect of the community. Having another outlet to acquire that is welcomed.

A different view point can be refreshing and, at times, can allow people to see things in a different light. While we urge our readers to form their own opinions, keep in mind that CM Life will continue to work to present as much information as we can to our readers.

Journalism is an industry in which competition is welcomed and causes papers to thrive, and that will be the case for CM Life.

We will continue to bring you the national award-winning brand of journalism that you have come to expect, but now with an even more intense focus on holding those in power accountable and finding the stories you care about.

It's up to our readers whether they prefer CM Life or the Central Michigan Tribune, but we will do our best to keep you picking up CM Life three times a week.

The manner in which we react to competition will be what makes or breaks us. CM Life will use this competition as motivation to push further with each story, to investigate deeper and to break stories earlier.

Westendorf said in a news release CM Life is "one of the best student newspapers in the country."

We pride ourselves on that, and we will continue to uphold our reputation by covering community and campus events, bringing the point of view that can only be found in CMU students.

Regardless what the Central Michigan Tribune has to offer, one thing has and always will remain the same.

CM Life has been reporting on this campus since 1919, and we aren't going anywhere any time soon.



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