Lawyer, instructor Todd Levitt gives students free cab rides on Valentine's Day

Lawyer and business information instructor Todd Levitt showed his love for students and their safety by giving them free cab rides on Valentine’s Day.

Levitt said after hearing about all of the incidents happening in and around Mount Pleasant, he wanted to offer free rides to students to keep them safe and away from the wheel if they’ve been drinking.

“I just thought it would be a nice thing to do on Valentine’s Day to make sure that everybody is safe,” Levitt said.

In order for students to get a ride, they had to be a follower of Levitt on Twitter and tweet where they were and where they wanted to go.

Cadillac freshman Tyler Saller tweeted Levitt as soon as she heard he was giving free cab rides.

“I saw a bunch of people re-tweeting (about Levitt's cab rides) on Twitter, and I thought it was awesome someone was giving free rides all day from 7 (p.m.),” Saller said. “So, I thought it would be cool to get a free ride to wherever I wanted tonight.”


Victoria Zegler/Photo Editor Clarkston sophomore Robert Langen, left, receives a kiss on the forehead from Lawyer and business information instructor Todd Levitt Thursday night at Taco Bell, 1143 S. Mission St. "The highlight of my night has been meeting new students and seeing the students I've taught over the past couple of years," Levitt said. "I know it sounds corny but it's been awesome." Levitt offered free cab rides on Valentine’s Day not only to look after the safety of the students but also as a way to teach his students and his Twitter followers how to use social media to help further their careers.

Saller and several others tweeted Levitt for rides and were picked up and taken to their destinations. Some even re-tweeted him when they were ready be given a ride home.

Last semester, Luke Peterson had Levitt as a professor and recognized it wasn't an everyday experience to get a free cab ride from a professor.

“I think it’s honestly just really great and not an ordinary thing to happen,” the West Bloomfield freshman said. “It’s a good guy doing a great service.”

Besides keeping students out of harm’s way, Levitt also said he was doing this as a way to teach his students and his Twitter followers how to use social media to help further their careers.

“I’m trying to help my students transition from using social media for strictly social purposes to transition into why you’re in college in the first place to get a job and to have a career,” Levitt said.

During the many trips Levitt made Thursday night, one was simply taking a group of students from the Towers to Taco Bell, 1143 S. Mission St. Levitt said he would rather take the students to a fast food restaurant instead of them driving themselves because of the risk that they could have been drinking earlier.

Grand Blanc sopohomore Trinidad Martinez, who has been represented by Levitt twice, planned on getting a ride with him as soon as he heard about the news as opposed to paying for a ride form U-Ride or another cab service.

“I tweeted Todd where I was at; he was there right then and there," Martinez said. “Sometimes when I call U-Ride or Chippewa Cab, they take an hour, maybe even more, and sometimes, they don’t even show up. It’s nice to have somebody that actually does show up.”

Levitt constantly checked his Twitter and drove around 100 students that night from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

“The reaction has been epic,” Levitt said. “It’s been unbelievable. A lot of students are happy because they know who the person is that’s driving them. They know that I’m not going to be somebody that’s drinking while I’m driving; they know they can trust me that I’m going to get them from where they need to go and get them there safely.”

Levitt said he is considering doing this later on in the semester to continue to show concern for students’ safety.


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