Super Bowl ads entertain, displease faculty and students

The discussion after Super Bowl XLVII not only focused on the outcome of the game but also on the commercials that were seen by millions.

And those commercials were not cheap.

According to the International Business Times, an average 30-second commercial cost advertisers roughly $3.5 million.

While some people might question if it is worth spending so much, marketing and hospitality services administration assistant professor Kenneth Cherry said Super Bowl ads are a huge deal because it’s one of the few platforms left where the whole country can see the same ad.

“They get a ton of visibility and follow-up PR; not just the ad itself, where you have 111 million people see it, but the PR on the back end is incredible,” Cherry said.

Cherry watched the Super Bowl, judging and rating each advertisement. He said his favorite was the Dodge Ram commercial featuring radio broadcaster Paul Harvey and images of farmers.

“Personally, I thought the Dodge Ram one about farmers was the best,” Cherry said. “I thought it was just really touching … Chrysler has done such a good job over the last three years …and some of the stuff is over the top, but…it’s really important that you break out and get people’s attention.”

Birmingham senior Mike Cousineau did not like the Dodge Ram ad featuring Oprah Winfrey that payed homage to U.S. troops.

“I didn’t like the Jeep commercial, just because I thought they played on the heartstrings of the consumer too much,” Cousineau said. “Instead of marketing the vehicle, you’re marketing toward the emotional aspect. I just thought it was too much.”

One of the most talked-about commercials of the night was an advertisement for featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli, who made out with a man dressed up as a geek.

Canton senior Kelly Gitre thought the commercial made people turn heads rather than focus on the product being advertising.

“The GoDaddy commercial with the nerd was really awkward, just like, watching it just because they zoomed in really close … and it turned a bunch of people off and made them not want to go check out the site," she said.

Cherry also thought the commercial was over-the-top. However, he said it was in the front page of the Business section in USA Today, and it received a lot of attention, which is what ads are supposed to do.

Marketing and hospitality services administration assistant professor Deborah Gray said she thinks the Super Bowl ads were creative, fun and full of humor.

“I think Super Bowl ads are different from other ads,” Gray said. “I think they have a lot more entertainment value, and I put them in a class by themselves. Because they have more entertainment values and they’re more artistic, I think Super Bowl ads have the theme of ‘beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder.’”


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