ALBUM REVIEW: Small Houses exactly where he wants to be on new album


fountain_of_hope_posters Small-Houses_albumartAfter touring the U.S., Jeremy Quentin finally has a place to rest.

Now residing in Philadelphia, Michigan native Quentin's experiences traveling and picking a home seeps into his newest album, “Exactly Where You Wanted to Be," released on Yer Bird Records last week.

“Oh, Hiding Out” starts the record off with lush guitars, sharp harmonica and unusual anthem-like vocals during the verses. “Saint Louis isn't gone/No, it's hidden and waiting in my voice,” he sings with volume and conviction.

Without any drums to be heard on the record, Quentin relies on instruments such as an acoustic guitar, piano and his voice to effectively tell the stories his songs convey.

“Sarah's Song” is a standout track. With the piano providing the hook, it's reminiscent of New Jersey, Springsteen-influenced punk band The Gaslight Anthem. It has memorable vocals and powerful piano chords that stick in your head with a heck of a hook.

“You were exactly where you wanted to be,” he sings on “Our Sweet," a track which has storytelling at its finest.

“Cut off our hair and talk about where we'll drive the car/cause that's all I want and all I've asked for/I want to wake up where you are,” he sings with gliding and punctuating guitar lines passing by.

A record like this is dependent on the lyrics as much as the music, if not more so. Lyrically, he paints vivid and memorable vocal scenes, while his instruments provide all sorts of color.

The traveling theme is subtle and powerful in “The Last Night of Summer,” another memorable guitar-led hook in which the security of a traveling lifestyle is apparent.

“This city is meant for leaving/and I'm gonna go,” he sings with comfortable certainty.

This record shows Quentin seems to be exactly where he wants to be, musically and location-wise.

Fans of Michigan artists such as Frontier Ruckus, Chris Bathgate or even North Carolina artists The Avett Brothers will enjoy this. If you're looking for quieter, folk music, be sure to check this out.

Rating: 4 stars