Marie Reimers, Jonathan Schuler running for Student Government Association president

The two Student Government Association presidential candidates are bringing two different philosophies to their respective platforms.

Saginaw junior Marie Reimers and Center Line graduate student Jonathan Schuler are both running for the SGA candidacy for next year.

At Reimers' side will be her vice presidential nominee and Crosswell senior Patrick O’Connor. Schuler will be running with Westland graduate assistant Darby Hollis.

While Reimers will run on a specific platform centered around equality and environmental concerns, Schuler doesn't believe bringing personal projects to the presidency is a part of the position.

"I like a lot of Reimer's ideas; I think are all good things to do," Schuler said. "But, I see my job as the representative of the student body. I'm supposed to give power to their ideas and wants, not carry out my own pet projects."

Reimers has had an extensive history with the SGA in her three years at the university.

In the past year, she was elected as an SGA senator. She helped draft the SGA legislation opposing the academic calendar change, which would have changed the length of the fall semester from 16 to 15 weeks.

O'Connor currently holds a seat as Speaker of the House.

Along with being the president of the Pre-Law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta, Schuler was also elected as an SGA senator at the beginning of the year.

His work in the SGA Senate has often been focused on representing the needs of graduate students on campus, including an ongoing project to provide more service learning opportunities to students at Central Michigan University.

However, Hollis, Schuler's running mate, has no experience in the SGA.

Although Schuler has experience in the SGA, he considers his ticket an outsider's ticket, which he believes will give him the advantage of bringing in new ideas to the SGA.

"There are a lot of echoed opinions bouncing across the SGA. A lot of the same ideas ... The opinions in the SGA only really reflect the opinions in the SGA. It does not represent the entire student body," Schuler said. "I can't say that every student will feel included in the SGA; I can't promise that. But we can involve ideas from the outside."

Reimers said she and O'Connor will be running on several campaign goals. Although she hopes to continue many of SGA President Justin Gawronski's administrative efforts, she also carries objectives unique to her.

The first, and most important, is the establishment of a Women and Gender Center on campus.

Reimers also said a commitment to sustainability and environmentilsm will be a large focus of her administration.

She plans to establish a bike sharing program on campus, which will increase the ease of transportation and reduce the university's impact on the environment.

She also plans to encourage House and Senate leaders to hold House and Senate meetings bi-weekly instead of weekly.

Currently, the SGA House and Senate meet weekly, which Reimers said competes with weekly committee meetings within the SGA. In her proposed format, the House and Senate will alternate with committee meetings.

She said many of her proposals already have a solid foundation.

"We have already passed legislation supporting a Women and Gender Center," Reimers said. "We also already have senators working on a bike sharing program. All of these projects are very much in reach."

The presidential and vice presidential debate will take place 7 p.m. Monday in Anspach 161 during the SGA general board meeting.


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