CMED East facilities to cost $46.5 million

Charlotte Bodak/Staff Photographer President George Ross and Provost E. Gary Shapiro look over last meeting mintues during the Academic Senate meeting Tuesday afternoon in Pearce Hall.

University President George Ross announced at Tuesday's Academic Senate meeting the cost of the College of Medicine's East campus facilities will total $46.5 million.

Both Covenant Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital in Saginaw will provide land and facilities that will be renovated for the college's use and will donate $1.5 million in hospital infrastructure. In addition, $15 million will come from Central Michigan University Medical Education Partners, formerly known as Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals.

CMU's University Construction Reserves will cover $15 million of the remaining cost, while collaborative fundraising efforts account for another $15 million. If that goal isn't met, CMU and both of the East campus hospitals will cover the difference, with each hospital covering up to $2 million a piece. Through donations, $7.5 million has already been secured.

Renovations at Covenant will include the addition of two clinical facilities.

"We will be supporting general surgery, psychology and pediatrics," said Ernest Yoder, founding dean of the College of Medicine.

Between the Covenant and St. Mary's campuses, 200 CMED students in their third and fourth years of medical school, along with 100 resident students, will be accommodated.

CMED has received 2,765 applications for its inaugural class of 64 students and has interviewed 350 applicants. The college offered acceptance to 78 applicants, and, of those applicants, 70 have accepted. Another 85 applicants have been wait-listed.

The students who have been offered acceptance have an average GPA of 3.65 and an average MCAT score of 29. Yoder said Michigan residents make up 90 percent of the current offers and wait listings.

The faculty who have been hired so far come from the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, Wayne State University, the University of Notre Dame and other prominent schools.

CMED has 18 affiliations for comprehensive clinical clerkship across the state, including Alpena, Saginaw, Charlevoix, Tawas, West Branch and other Michigan communities.

"Our students will receive clinical experience in our communities," Yoder said.

CMU set a fundraising goal for CMED of $25 million over the span of five years. It has been about two years since the campaign started, and campaigning efforts have raised $20.4 million to date. This money will be put toward scholarships, facilities and operations.