Presidents balance Greek life with academic life

A new president is elected each year for every sorority and fraternity’s chapter terms, and this year was Alyssa Young’s chance to take on the challenge.

In the fall of 2010, Young joined Alpha Chi Omega, and, two short years later, she was inspired to run for group president.

“There were so many sisters that encouraged me to run. I just felt so much support, and I have always wanted to promote positive change and tradition as a leader," the Warren senior said. "I put my all into being president because I love Alpha Chi and my sisters more than anything. They are the ones that push me and inspire me to be the best version of myself, and, for that, I am grateful."

Young was elected by her sisters and began her term of presidency of the Delta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega in January. The job demands a lot of responsibility.

“I have to work with Panhellenic Council, our nationals and advisers to ensure our chapter is in good standing at all times. My daily duties consist of answering dozens of emails, communicating with my executive board and making decisions for our chapter," Young said. "I have a very busy schedule that requires flexibility and my phone always being by my side. I think my main job is to have a positive attitude for my chapter and to constantly have a good attitude.”

With the amount of work the job entails, Young has made sacrifices in both her social and academic life to tend to the sorority.

“I am not able to do all the things I did before with my sisters and friends, since I am so busy. I sacrifice time with them sometimes so I can attend to the sorority’s needs,” Young said. “I am not going to lie; it can be difficult balancing being president of a Greek organization and being a student. I am currently taking 20 credits, and it is hard to balance. I work hard to get good grades and just have to manage my time better to accommodate all my duties as president.”

Despite the numerous meetings and endless workload, Young has led her chapter with optimism and has remained connected through her passion for this sisterhood.

“At times, it has its challenges, but what new adventure doesn’t? We have had a lot of changes happen since I started my term, but my sisters always end up viewing them with a positive attitude,” Young said.  “I am learning skills that I will be able to utilize in my every day life. I am so grateful my sisters trusted me to lead them."

According to sorority member Caro junior Ashley Williams, Young’s methods are noticed and appreciated.

“Alyssa’s encouragement has truly ignited a passion for our organization in many of our sisters and brought us together when things are not easy, which truly does make us a strong unit ... She puts Alpha Chi Omega at the top of her priority list, and her dedication to our women and chapter is incredible," Williams said.


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